Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Hosts Successful Orientation Program for First Year Students

On Friday, February 17, 2023, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the PNG University of Technology hosted its orientation program for new first year students. The event took place from 3 pm to 4:30 pm in the afternoon and welcomed students from both the Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science programs.

The event was led by Mr. Sankwi Abuzo, who served as the master of ceremony. Mr. Abuzo began the program by introducing himself and the department before inviting the Acting Head of Department, Mr. Yaling Tapo, to deliver the official welcome speech.

After Mr. Tapo’s welcome address, Mr. Abuzo briefed the students on a range of important topics including assessment practices and policies, student support services, the USDC, and general student conduct expectations. Two other speakers, Mr. John Lanta from the Mathematics section and Mr. Benson Mirou from the Computer Science section, also provided words of encouragement and advice to the students.

During the program, all staff members, both present and not present at the event, were introduced. Additionally, each student had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the audience.

The program concluded with a word of prayer by Mr. Joel Tahie, after which food was shared. The university’s catering service had prepared and supplied the refreshments.

The orientation program was a great success, providing new students with a solid introduction to the department and university. The event also allowed students to get to know their fellow classmates, as well as their professors and staff. Overall, the program served as an excellent start to the academic year for the new first year students of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the PNG University of Technology.