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ICT team undergoing fiber optic training

7th February, 2024

PNGUOT Chancellor Sam Koim welcomes Unitech students and staff for 2024 Academic Year

"To our incoming first-year students, congratulations on securing a coveted spot among more than 31,000 grade 12 students who graduated last year... Over the next four years, your education will be a collaborative effort.....

ICT team undergoing fiber optic training

1st January, 2024

2024 Registration & Orientation Week Information

Attached below are information for students containing the 2024 registration flow chart, 2024 orientation program and our Taraka campus map to assist first year students find their way around campus.

ICT team undergoing fiber optic training

30th January, 2024

Technicians Complete Fiber Optic & Premises Cabling Certificate

Six (6) IT technicians from the PNG University of Technology successfully completed an American standard certification training on Fiber-Optic and Premises Cabling last week at the university’s Taraka campus in Lae

ICT team undergoing fiber optic training

16th January, 2024

KMHL assists ATCDI with over K200,000 for Water Boring Machine and equipment

PNG Unitech’s Appropriate Technology and Community Development Institution will now be able to procure a new water boring machine, thanks to the Kumul Minerals Holding Limited for its timely assistance

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PNG Science & Technology Council

7th National Science and Technology Conference

All Science and Technology Enthusiasts in Academia, Government and Industry Worldwide are invited to Register and Join us at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology, Lae, PNG; on 1- 4 July 2024 for the 7th National Science and Technology Conference