Online Tuition Fee Payments

Now, you can easily pay your tuition fees online using Bank South Pacific’s BSP Pay service without the need to visit the bank.

BSP Pay is a domestic online payment solution that enables you to pay online without a bankcard. Simply add your tuition fee amount, enter your details and pay using your BSP ID and mobile number.

How do i Activate BSP Pay

  • To activate BSP Pay, visit BSP website and follow these steps:

    1. Select Login followed by the Personal Banking tab and then BSP Pay button under Sign in
    2. Enter your BSP ID and complete the Security Challenge
    3. Enter the security code generated to your phone
    4. Select Use Online to activate your account and save

What is a BSP ID & where do i find my BSP ID?

BSP ID is a unique number known as your customer Identification Number (CIF). You can confirm your BSP ID by:

  • Calling BSP Customer Service on 3201212/7301212
  • BSP Internet Banking Customers: Your username is also your BSP ID
  • BSP Mobile Banking Customers: Look up your BSP ID on ‘My Services’ menu.

Ready to make payments?

  1. Click on the ‘Pay Now’
  2. Enter The payment amount you wish you make (can be 75% of tuition or full payment)
  3. Enter your mandatory details such as ID numbers and other required information.
  4. Select the BSP Pay option.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete your payment securely.
  6. Screenshot your payment confirmation reference number for verification later


Download the BSP Pay Brochure to know more about the service and how you can use the service