Areas of Research

The following research focus areas have been identified and much of the staff and student research are conducted in these thematic areas:

  • Evaluation of promising rice varieties for Papua New Guinea
  • Crop improvement and adaptation to stress environments caused by climate change
  • Use of Trichoderma spp. as a biocontrol agent against some selected soil borne pathogens
  • Study of the production technology and practices of selected crops by farmers in different agro-ecological regions of Papua New Guinea
  • Study of the production technology and practices of selected vegetables by farmers in different agro-ecological regions of Papua New Guinea
  • Soil and composting in sweet potato-based farming systems
  • Symbionts as potential biocontrol agent for cocoa pod borer
  • Development of a maize seed system for PNG
  • Gene discovery in PNG wild rice: seed and grain characteristics
  • Genetic transformations of taro, rice and sweet potato.
  • Quantification of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions from soils under major cropping systems of Papua New Guinea
  • Development of fungal inoculum for artificial agar wood production in PNG
  • Conservation of farm animal genetic resources
  • Utilization of crop wastes and agro-industrial by-products for feeding livestock and poultry
  • Determining digestibility of locally available feed and fodder
  • Determination of anti-nutritional factors in the fodder crops of PNG
  • Development of suitable weaner piglet diet
  • Smallholder Aquaculture development in PNG
  • Economic efficiency of small-scale rice farming
  • Technical efficiency of smallholder coffee farming
  • Resource use efficiency among small-scale peanut farmers.
  • Evaluation of on-going extension approaches in PNG and their effectiveness in rural livelihood improvement
  • Problems and prospects of retaining youth in agriculture in PNG
  • Identifying the present farming systems in different regions of PNG and scope for improvement
  • Examining household food security in peri-urban settlements
  • Livelihoods of settlers in peri-urban settlements
  • Return from Investment in Higher Education, Extension and Innovations
  • Entrepreneurship Development among Rural People
  • Women in Agriculture for Food Security
  • Diffusion of Agricultural Innovations among Rural Community
  • Survey on current status of mechanization in PNG: impact study of mechanization on rural livelihood and environment
  • Development of post-harvest technology and post-harvest management systems for horticultural crops in PNG
 No Academic staff Areas of research interest
1 Professor Macquin Maino Plant pathology, Nematology, Plant Virology, Biocontrol agents
2 Mr Nick Kewa Agricultural economics, climate change and supply chain management
3 Professor Shamsul Akanda Plant pathology, Integrated disease management, Research methods
4 Professor Gariba Danbaro Animal breeding, Animal management systems, Research methods
5 Professor Tom Okpul Plant breeding and genetics, Tissue culture, Biotechnology
6 Assoc. Prof. Jayaprakash Veterinary Science, Animal nutrition, Animal health and diseases
7 Professor Peter Manus Agricultural economics, Agribusiness management
8 Assoc. Prof. Rajashekhar Rao Soil Science, Soil quality, Soil fertility, Soil pollution, Agricultural Chemistry
9 Assoc. Prof. Veronica Bue Agricultural extension, women in agriculture, rural sociology
10 Assoc. Prof. Patrick Michael Natural resource management, field crops, agriculture and environment
11 Dr Ronnie Dotaona Agricultural entomology, Integrated pest management, Biocontrol agents
12 Dr Gwendolyn Ban Plant pathology, Biocontrol agents
13 Mr William Nano Agricultural extension, Animal nutrition, Aquaculture, On-farm trainings
14 Mrs Betty Tiko Motoro Agricultural extension, rural sociology
15 Dr Frank Vidinamo Agricultural Engineering, Post- harvest technology
  1. The list below shows some of the recent publications by staff and students of the department:
  • Ban, G., Maino, M.K. and Akanda, S. (2021). Growth and shelf-life of Trichoderma harzianum. Niugini Agrisaiens, 12, 50-56.
  • Batisarisari, N., Manus, P., and Bue, V. (2021). Attitude and technical efficiency of commercial taro farmers of Taveuni, Fiji. Niugini Agrisaiens, 12, 42-49.
  • Beko, J., Mulung, K. and Okpul, T. (2020). The recalcitrant nature of Gyrinops ledermannii seeds: Notes on desiccation tolerance and longevity in storage. Niugini Agrisaiens, 11, 7-13.
  • Botu, A.A., and Danbaro, G. (2021). Evaluation of physical properties of talipa (Oreochromis niloticus L.) feeds made from local ingredients in Papua New Guinea. Niugini Agrisaiens, 12, 26-33.
  • Davis, A., Maino, H., Uakai, M., Saese, H., Quirk, C., Wamala, M., Gendua, P. and Okpul, T. (2020). AMMI Analysis for yield stability of 37 promising rice varieties in preliminaries for multi-environment testing in Papua New Guinea. Niugini Agrisaiens, 11, 14-23.
  • Divuniwaqa, C. and Rajashekhar, R.BK. (2021). Biochar application alters soil Ni fractions andphytotoxicity of Ni to pakchoi plants. Environmental Technology and Innovation 23: 101751.
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  • Maino, L., Sar, L. and Maino, M. (2020). Effectiveness of information delivery through the AKIS/RD agriculture extension model: A preliminary case study in rice farming systems in two districts of the Morobe Province. Niugini Agrisaiens, 11, 1-6.
  • Manus, P. (2021). Productivity and technical efficiency smallholder coffee farming without agricultural extension services in the Nebilyer District of Papua New Guinea. Niugini Agrisaiens, 12, 13-25.
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  • Michael, P.S. (2021). The role of biofertilizers in the management of nutrient deficiency, acidity, and toxicity in acid soils – A review. JOGAE 12, 19-30.
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  • Michael, P.S. (2021). Popularity of online and curiosity of on-campus learning among distance education students of PNG University of Technology, Papua New Guinea. IJMRAP 11, 46-57.
  • Parau, T., Bue, V., Sengere, R. and Manus, P. (2021). Responses of smallholder coffee farmers to the incursion of coffee berry borer (CBB) in a selected village in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. Niugini Agrisaiens, 12, 34-41.
  • Sawang, L., Ikati, H. and Michael, P.S. (2021). Phytoextraction of selected heavy metals by Ipomoea aquatic and Pteridium aquilinum from contaminated soils under humid lowland tropical climatic conditions. Asian Journal of Plant and Soil Sciences 6, 245-254.
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