Mining & Mineral Process Engineering

The School provides two distinct four-year degree programs leading to a Bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Mineral Process Engineering. Below, you’ll find pertinent details about each program:

Mining Engineering: The Mining Engineering program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the extraction of valuable minerals and resources from the Earth. This comprehensive curriculum covers a range of topics, including mine design, drilling and blasting techniques, mineral economics, and environmental considerations in mining operations. Graduates of this program are well-prepared for careers in the dynamic field of mining, contributing to sustainable resource development.

Mineral Process Engineering: The Mineral Process Engineering program focuses on the techniques and processes involved in extracting and refining valuable minerals from raw ores. Students delve into subjects such as ore characterization, comminution, flotation, hydrometallurgy, and process optimization. This program emphasizes the sustainable and efficient processing of minerals while considering environmental impacts. Graduates are equipped to address the complex challenges in mineral processing industries, from designing optimal processing plants to implementing innovative technologies for resource recovery.

Our School is dedicated to fulfilling its vision, mission, and objectives, which serve as the guiding principles for all our functions and operations.

Vision Statement

"Empowering Future Leaders in Sustainable Resource Development"

Mission Statement

"To Provide Excellence in Mining Education, Research, and Industry Collaboration"

Overal Objectives

"We aim to excel in education, research, and industry partnership"