Incident Reporting and Investigation

Incident Reporting & Investigation

Transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement are the cornerstones of our safety culture within the School of Mining & Mineral Process Engineering.

In the Incident Reporting and Investigation section, we provide a platform for reporting safety concerns and incidents promptly and effectively. Your input is invaluable in maintaining a safe and secure environment for all members of our community. Whether you encounter issues related to fire safety, laboratory protocols, equipment malfunctions, or other safety-related incidents, we encourage you to speak up and report them using the resources available in this section. Our streamlined reporting procedures ensure that your concerns are addressed promptly and thoroughly, with appropriate measures taken to investigate and resolve incidents.

Additionally, gain insights into the procedures for incident investigation and resolution, emphasizing our commitment to transparency and accountability. Together, let’s work towards a safer and more secure environment for everyone within our school community. Explore this section to learn more about incident reporting and investigation processes, ensuring that your voice is heard and safety concerns are addressed effectively.