Safety Equipments & Facilities

Discover the infrastructure that underpins our commitment to safety within the School of Mining & Mineral Process Engineering.

In the Safety Equipment and Facilities section, we provide insights into the array of safety measures and resources available to support a secure environment for all. Learn about the distribution and accessibility of safety equipment, including fire extinguishers, emergency showers, eyewash stations, and more, throughout our facilities. Our detailed descriptions and visual guides offer clarity on the types and locations of safety equipment, empowering you to navigate our premises confidently and respond effectively to emergencies. Moreover, gain an understanding of the maintenance protocols and inspection schedules that ensure the reliability and functionality of safety equipment at all times. By familiarizing yourself with the safety infrastructure in place, you can proactively contribute to a culture of safety within our school community. Explore this section to deepen your understanding of safety equipment and facilities, safeguarding the well-being of yourself and others.