Our History

Unitech is one of the oldest institution of higher education in Papua New Guinea, established by an Act of The House of Assembly in May 1965 as the Papua New Guinea Institute of Higher Technical Education and was located in Port Moresby.

Moving to Lae

In 1968, it moved to a 500 hectare campus, nine kilometers from the city of Lae and in March 1970 it became the Papua New Guinea Institute of Technology.  In August 1973, the institution had its name and status changed to The Papua New Guinea University of Technology and in September of the same year, the university status was declared by Chief Minister Michael Somare. 

It is one of the six universities in Papua New Guinea and while its sister university the University of Papua New Guinea in Port Moresby, concentrates mostly on the arts, pure science, law and medicine, the University of Technology is focused mainly with teaching and research in technological or `applied’ subjects. Hence, it is the only technological university in the South Pacific, outside Australia and New Zealand, and its reputation continues to grow, attracting vital interest within Papua New Guinea and its Pacific neighbors.

The first chairman of the Council was Sir Herbett G Watkins, who following his sudden death in 1966, was replaced by Sir Louis Matheson, Vice Chancellor, Monash University as chairman and first chancellor of the University. Sir Louis retired at the end of 1975 and was succeeded by Sir Alkan ToLolo who had been a valuable member of the council since 1969.He was the First citizen chancellor of UPNG & Unitech. Mr. Philip Stagg succeeded Alkan ToLolo in 2004.

The Foundation Director was Dr.E.Duncanson who took up his post in 1966. He was succeeded by Dr.J. Sandover as Vice Chancellor. After J.Sandover left in 1976, the office was held in an acting capacity for three years by the former Director of the office of Higher Education  Mr.M.Tigilai until the next subtantive Vice Chancellor, Prof.A. Mead who served from 1979-1983.

Dr.M.Moramoro took over and later resigned in 1990. Professor S. Pearse served for an year and was replaced by Mr.M. Baloiloi in 1992. After six years in Unitech, Dr.J. Kaiulo took over in 1997.He resigned in March 2000. Dr.P. Siaguru was appointed Acting VC and had held his position until Mr. Misty Balioloi took up the Appointment in July 2001. He left the University to contest the General Elections in 2012. He was the replaced by Vice Chancellor Dr. Albert Schram took charge on February 2012 until his dismissal.

The Current Vice Chancellor is Dr. Ora Renagi