67 students from the Papua New Guinea University of Technology (PNGUoT) are participating in a week long Military Boot Camp at the PNGDF’s Igam Barracks, conducted by the Joint Forces Academy (JFA).

The boot camp was officially opened this morning (03/06/24) with remarks and addresses made by JFA’s Acting Chief Instructor, Major Francis Mesa, PNGUoT Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr Garry Sali, and Registrar Mrs. Veronica Thomas.

Dr Sali said the university has been emphasizing on the need to produce world class technocrats, and this activity complements this vision by instilling discipline to the students, who will eventually graduate to become leaders in their respective industries.

Major Mesa said this activity reflects a core task of the PNGDF, and that is nation building.

“This program will help to shape them to be better individuals. Hopefully this will change their minds and their behavior.”

This activity has been organized by PNGUoT’s Student Support and Facilities Center (SS&FC) in collaboration with the PNGDF’s Joint Forces Academy (JFA).

The Deputy Registrar of Students Support & Facilities (SS & FC), Mr Andrew Wiavi said this is an effort being undertaken to instill  discipline in the students who are participating.

“Our aim is to try to cause a general behavioral change in our students.” 

According to Mr Wiavi, there has been a deteriorating trend in the behavior of youths, and this is also being seen in student behavior. 

“There is a widespread discipline problem in many students because of the influence of socio-cultural behavior.”

This led to the initiative of engaging students in a military boot camp facilitated by the Joint Forces Academy. 

Acting Chief Instructor of the Joint Forces Academy, Major Francis Mesa shared similar sentiments, highlighting the general attitude of youths.

With the university emphasizing on producing world class technocrats for the real world, Mr Wiavi said such programs will contribute to the acceptable behavioral standards of the community and the globe. 

“The university has its own Graduate Attributes that it focuses on producing and this is a step in that direction. We need to produce graduates who are professionally and morally sound in terms of their behavior and attitude to be able to work and live in any part of the globe.”

Mr Wiavi said they will evaluate the behavior and attitudes of the participants to see the impact the training has on the students. 

“If there is a notable difference in the attitude and behavior, we will make it an annual event and that is our current aim.”

Participants will undergo a series of activities which include leadership and character development lessons, team building activities, problem solving tasks and physical training over the next five days.

PNGDF Officer distributing shirts to participants at Igam Barracks.