NFA & UNITECH sign MOU to upgrade Lab to international standards

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THE PNG National Fisheries Authority (NFA) and the PNG University of Technology (Unitech) have further cemented their relationship through a revised MOU to upgrade and develop laboratory facilities within the Department of Applied Sciences to become a fully accredited testing laboratory for Food Chemistry and Microbiology Testing of fish and fisheries products for international markets.

The MOU which was recently signed in Port Moresby sees both PNG NFA and Unitech continue their partnership to work collaboratively to have a fully accredited food testing laboratory under the ISO 17025 International Standard to provide testing services to the fishing industry, NFA, and other clients within PNG and abroad.

Under the previous MOU signed in 2014, the NFA and Unitech’s Applied

Sciences Department established the National Food Testing and Monitoring Centre at the University in 2018. This facility will provide a central laboratory for the verification of fish and fisheries products while also serving as an avenue for study, training and research.

The main objectives of the revised MOU are:

• To upgrade and develop the existing laboratory facilities of both Chemistry and Microbiology in the Applied Sciences Department of PNG University of Technology to meet international standards requirements for laboratory testing.

• To acquire adequate laboratory equipment that can perform appropriate testing according to standard testing methods.

• Develop Laboratory Quality Management Systems (LQMS) meeting the requirements of ISO 17025

• Work collaboratively to achieve accreditation and have an accredited food testing laboratory operating under ISO 17025 that can provide testing services to the fishing industry, the National Fisheries Authority, and other clients within the country and region.
• Provide testing services that can meet national and international standard and importing country requirements.
• Attain and maintain accreditation status by the continual improvements to the laboratory quality management systems.
• Have competent laboratory staff through training programs and evaluations.

The event was witnessed by senior executive management of both the NFA and the Unitech.