A female computer science graduate featured

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A female Computer Science graduate featured in a women-and-girls-in-ict news

By Sankwi Abuzo, April 25, 2024

The Post Courier has recently published an article with the story of young Elmira Puy, an accomplished IT professional with a firm foundation in computer science.  Elmira graduated at the top 5 of her class in 2011 from this school which was known back then as the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science. She was a bright student as recalled by her lecturers.

Her story published in the April 25, 2024 paper is one of several stories that prove that our degree programs have been producing quality graduates who not only are able to do what is expected from them in the industry but can do more beyond expectations and even crossing international boundaries in their endeavors.

The School of Mathematics and Computer Science congratulates Elmira for a fulfilling career in IT in light of this news and encourages other graduates and its current students, especially young females, to work hard and make positive progress both in computer science and in the various fields that also utilizes applied mathematics such as in Finance and Banking, Cybersecurity, Big-Data Analytics or Data Science, etc.

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