About Civil Engineering

All engineering was Military Engineering until the 18th Century. In the 18th century, the term “civil engineering” came into use to describe engineering work that civilians performed for non-military purposes. Civil Engineering takes place on all levels: in the public sector from municipal to national governments, and in the private sector from individual homeowners to international companies.

Civil Engineers frequently work on complex projects that involve many technical, economic, social, and environmental factors.  Civil engineers also help preserve the environment by assisting in managing pollution and planning to reduce future air, land and water pollution.

Civil Engineering Profession

Civil Engineering has several engineering professions under one name. At the Papua New Guinea University of Technology, these various professional disciplines include water and wastewater engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, pavement and traffic engineering, structural engineering, and construction management. A Civil engineer is trained to perform a broad range of tasks, which include the following:

  • Design, plan, and construct bridges, roads, buildings, aerodromes, wharves, jetties, water treatment and supply systems, sewage treatment and disposal systems;
  • Carry out feasibility studies and ground investigations for engineering structures, and design of foundation systems for bridges, buildings, wharves, roads, water and sewage treatment facilities;
  • Plan, control, and monitor construction operations and their effects on the environment, and management of assets and resources.

The course offered leads to the award of the degree of Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) and it takes a minimum of four years to complete.  The Master in Engineering in Civil Engineering, Master of Science in Solid Waste and Resource Management, and Master of Philosophy (by Research) are completed in two (2)  years time.  The Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering can be completed in four (4)(  years.


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