The Civil Engineering Department is very well equipped for teaching and research and is housed in four main buildings and a separate workshop. Staff from the Department, are actively engaged in research in all major aspects of civil engineering covered in the course and maintain close contacts with industry and government departments.

The research subjects being investigated in the Department include Cable Stayed Bridges, Steel Structures, Timber Structures, Sewage Lagoons, Roads Pavement Materials, Earthquake Resistant Structures, Soil Properties, Disaster Research, Accident Analysis, Pavement Design, Cost-Benefit Criteria for Developing countries, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation and Waste Management. For details of the research and investigation programme, the University’s Research Report is available from the library and published papers are also held in the Report Series. Staff members are encouraged to act as consultants to industry and the government. The department also operates a laboratory, Civil Engineering Commercial Unit (CECU) to serve industry. The laboratory calibrates mechanical equipment such as testing machines, pressure and force measuring devices and torque wrenches. It also offers a comprehensive range of material testing for soils, concrete and metals.