Postgraduate Programs


The PG programmes include: MPhil, MSC; and ME, and PhD.  Students for the PG programmes include both nationals and overseas candidates, the latest being from the Caribbean (MPhil, 2016).  The MSc and ME programmes will commence in 2017.

Master of Engineering by research and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Civil Engineering programs are offered to candidates who have successfully completed the undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from a recognized university and accumulated at least 2 years of industry working experience.

The entry requirements are as follows: Candidates with a grade point average (GPA) of between 70 to 84 percent for the four-year undergraduate degree course are eligible to pursue a Masters of Engineering by research. Those with a GPA of 85 percent or above (i.e. 1st Class honours students) can be admitted straight into the Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering by research program and graduates with a GPA from 50 to 69 percent can be admitted to do a Master’s of Science in Engineering by coursework plus a minor project.