CDS dept signs MOU with resource company

The PNG University of Technology’s (PNGUoT) Communication and Development Studies (CDS) Department recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) at the university’s Taraka campus, Lae.

The MOU, which will come into effect as of 2024 highlights four strategic areas which includes the provision of scholarships, guest lectures, industrial attachments and the sponsorship of two lecturers and a student to attend future Chamber of Mines and Petroleum conferences.

MRDC Legal Manager, Ms. Valentina Kaman, who was present at the MOU signing said the resource company recognizes and values the work the university does through the CDS Department.

She added that for them, MRDC’s business was really outside the fence, maintaining its social license to operate, but they recognize the importance of these particular group of professionals that are coming up.

Vice Chancellor Professor Renagi thanked MRDC on behalf of the university, for this new partnership through the MOU.

He said the university embraces this type of partnership because students must realize that after training they will go out to the industries and with such partnerships, students will be challenged to do well in their studies. “Unitech is happy to provide the training for the department and happy to have MRDC support the training,” Prof. Renagi said.

The Head of the Communication and Development Studies (CDS) department, Dr Rachel Aisoli-Orake said she is pleased that the CDS Department has entered into this partnership with MRDC.

“This partnership will enhance the department’s engagement with industry and it facilitates the placement for our students to do industrial training,” Dr Aisoli-Orake added. “It also keeps the staff abreast with current industry practice.

And the opportunity to attend future conferences will enable us to identify areas of research for our students to further explore and come up with strategies to address the needs of the industry.”