On November 13, the Chinese side and PNG side deans of the Confucius Institute at Unitech conducted their first official visited to the Chinese Embassy in PNG, formally signifying the acceptance of their roles while constructive talks with Ambassador Xue Bing were held regarding how CI Unitech could strengthen cultural ties between the two peoples.

In addition to the warm welcome, the directors also met the Counselor of the Chinese Embassy: Mr. Chen Jiliang, and the Director of the Embassy Office: Sun Jia.

During the meeting, Ambassador Xue Bing welcomed Dean: Dr. Xian Zhang and congratulated Mr. Guofu (David) Chen on his promotion to be the PNG-side Dean of the institute. Ambassador Xue Bing also introduced Papua New Guinea’s geographic location, special climate, politics, economy, culture, education, and other aspects.

He emphasized that China and PNG have a long history of establishing diplomatic relations. The people of Papua New Guinea have been friendly to China. This year, China and Papua New Guinea have joined hands to fight the Covid_19 epidemic, which further signified this friendship. Ambassador Xue Bing has also conveyed his gratitude for the hard work undertaken by the Unitech team on ensuring aspects of good livelihood, healthy work environment, and personal safety of the Chinese personnel within the institute was secured.

Dr. Xian Zhang, the Chinese-side Dean, presented talks on the reforms carried out by “Hanban” and “Confucius Institute Headquarters” in accordance with international practices, and the newly established “International Chinese Education Foundation” and “Chinese-foreign Language Exchange Cooperation Center”. He summarised the road-map between Chongqing Normal University and Unitech for growing the institute into a center for world-class access to Chinese language and cultural education within the South Pacific region. Mr. Guofu (David) Chen, the PNG-side dean, introduced the development history of Unitech and was pleased to inform the good news that the Papua New Guinea University of Technology currently ranks first among other PNG Universities and are aiming the become the best research institute within the South Pacific Region.

Finally, Ambassador Xue Bing hopes that the establishment of the Confucius Institute can better serve the construction of the “Maritime Silk Road”, promote the deeper development of friendly exchanges between the two countries, and build a community with a shared future for mankind, and promote the education, economy, and culture of the two peoples. More aspects and broader exchanges!