Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry


  • 4 years full time
  • On Campus (Taraka)
  • Available to domestic students
  • Start Year Intake – February

In the first year; General Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, and Language are studied. Second Year Applied Chemistry have a major emphasis on further chemistry; Analytical, Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry are emphasized. Students also take up courses in Mathematics, Language, and Applications of Computing

There is a greater specialization in the final two years with emphasis on analytical methods and techniques which require students to spend much time in well-equipped laboratories and instrumental laboratories acquiring skills essential for an experimental science. In the fourth year, the course includes Advance Chemistry topics in Analytical and Environmental Chemistry.

The Applied Chemistry Degree program aims to train and equip Applied Chemists with knowledge and skills to solve chemistry related industrial problems, and also translate science into innovations and business opportunities with locally available untapped resources.

Applied Chemistry graduate, will be able to analyse minerals, pollutants, drinking water, soil, food and industrial products.

The main differences between applied chemistry courses at Unitech and pure chemistry courses taught at UPNG are that the applied courses are non-elective, relatively more intense and prepare students for employment challenges.