Head of School

Welcome to the School of Forestry. If you are a first year, the school here at the main Taraka Campus and Bulolo campus will be your academic home away from home for the next four years. The undergraduate education and postgraduate studies in the forestry programme at the University is the main pathway for training technical and scientific professional foresters.

Since 2019, we have started our revised undergraduate new curriculum to meet international standards and also to re-engineer our course delivery in view of emerging global realities. We have also started to put more emphasis into reforestation and afforestation training in order to address PNG’s needs to increase its timber production areas and contributions to addressing climate change. Our educational programmes are in line with PNG’s main development policies, such as the PNG Vision 2050, which calls for 800,000 hectares of forest plantations to be established by 2050.

Currently, we have an active postgraduate programme in which we offer both MPhil and PhD by research and we continue to get support from our main stakeholders including PNG Forest Authority; Timber Industry; and the Binatang Research Center to deliver these programmes. We recognize that Forestry graduates are employed by an unusual variety of organisations and companies, including industry, different types of non-government organisations (NGOs), and government agencies. Some of our graduates have become entrepreneurs, playing an important role in growing PNG’s economy.

The School of Forestry believes that with all of the support services available, including tutoring and supplemental instructions, no student should feel left out. Even so, your academic success depends on how well you take responsibility for your own education, including taking initiative to achieve academic excellence.

The School of Forestry looks forward to supporting your academic and personal success at the PNG University of Technology.

Dr. Cossey Yosi

Head and Chair of the Department
School of Forestry