Our Bachelor of Surveying degree is designed to train surveyors capable of meeting the biggest global surveying and town planning challenges. As a surveyor you could work as a geodesist analysing polar motion and measuring the movements of the earth’s crust.

Surveying is taught to students from Agriculture, Civil, Building & Architecture and Mining Engineering. All three courses Surveying, GIS and Property Studies are also offered during the holiday sessions through the GEOMATICS Program.

The subject provides students the opportunity to study the basic principles of  Computer Assisted Drafting and to acquire fundamental skills to plot engineering and cadastral plans using digital field survey data  including relevant  basic concepts such as map projection, geometry construction and manipulation,  electronic data transfer, creating plot file and the prevailing mapping systems used in Papua New Guinea.

Entry Requirement

  1. i) Surveying: Grade 12 School Leavers: SAT_P Test Score, Minimum of B grades in Major Mathematics, English, Physics and Information Technology.
  2. ii)  All non-school leavers entering into Surveying and Lands Studies programs:  same as in school leaver requirements except that upon acceptance with the minimum requirement will do entry exams instead of STAT-P test. 

Diploma from other universities will be selected on a case by case basis.

Entry to the course is completion of the Grade 12 School Certificate (or equivalent) level only.

Course Summary

  • 4 years full time
  • On Campus (Taraka)
  • Available to domestic students
  • Start Year Intake – February
  • Course Code: BSVY
  • Department: Surveying and Lands Studies