Entrepreneurship Centre (Short Courses)

The Entrepreneurship Centre is the arm of the Business Studies Department, PNG University of Technology, whose mission is to promote and support Entrepreneurship Activities in the country. Listed below are our professional short courses in Business (Accounting, Management, Information Communication Technology and Business Economies)

1Purchasing and Inventory Management3 DaysK800
2Accounting for Non-Accountants3 DaysK800
3Accounting for Payroll1 DayK750
4Business Valuation and Analysis2 DaysK1,500
5Studying and Interpreting Financial Reports by Non-Financial/Accounting professionals3 DaysK1,000
6Managing Intangible Resources (Intellectual Capital & Knowledge Management)3 DaysK900
7Electronic Markets3 DaysK900
8E-Commerce in PNG: Identifying and Strengthening the Enablers of E-commerce3 DaysK750
10Logistics and Supply Chain Management4 DaysK1,200
11Developing and Managing a Small Business3 DaysK750
12Quality Customer Service3 DaysK650
13Customer Relationship Management3 DaysK750
14Change Management Skills for Managers5 DaysK1,400
15Office/Productivity Applications5 DaysK1,500
16Book Keeping using Microsoft Excel3 DaysK900
17Digital Literacy4 DaysK1,000
18Database Design using Microsoft Access5 DaysK1,500
19Project Management Fundamentals using various Project Management Software5 DaysK1,800

Capacity Building for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

We also have various customized courses for Small Medium Enterprises (for New, Existing and Mature SMEs) in Financial Literacy, Small Business Management, Digital Literacy, etc. We are mobile and can provide training courses in any location within PNG.

For State Agencies and Donors who may look at providing courses to a larger audience, we have the capacity and we can offer online courses for SMEs in the country.

For more information on application form and course information: contact us on Telephone: 473 4401 or email: alita.sari@pnguot.ac.pg or paul.pinjik@pnguot.ac.pg