The specific objective of ERMC is to promote applied integrative team research in natural, technological and social sciences; in particular, the production, processing and marketing of natural bio-products, using locally designed and produced technology.

The long term approach to achieve such outcome would be to seek corporate partnership that is rural focused, project based and is export driven. It is perceived that if this country is to leap forward national academic institutions should take steps in encouraging development of technologies appropriate to PNG to support downstream processing of, agricultural and natural products for local markets resulting from the country’s biological diversity as a starting point to producing skilled people in the processing industry as well as getting involved in the imitation and development of relevant technology.


ERMC is located at the Yufuc Biang building at the Taraka campus of PNGUT in Lae. It is the blue and grey brick building opposite the Students’ Mess. Seek directions from the Security Guards at the Main Gate (drive straight ahead for about 200 m to the Matheson Library, then turn right and head straight ahead for 150 m to the junction of Mining Engineering Department and the Student Mess. From there, turn left and drive for 15 m, then turn left and you should be at the Yufuc Biang building of ERMC.