ERMC History

ERMC came about when academic institutions took aboard other institutions to strengthen the National Government’s efforts towards environmental management and biodiversity conservation in the 1990s.

The PNG University of Technology (PNGUT) took over Bulolo Forestry College, followed by the Insect Farming and Trading Agency (IFTA) − then an agency attached to the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC). When PNGUT took over IFTA, DEC negotiated a K500,000 UNDP grant to set up the Rainforest Habitat. 

Following this, PNGUT intended to take over Wau Ecology Institute, through a Public Investment Program Submission in 1993-1994; creating ERMC.

ERMC was set up in 1993 by a PNGUT Council Resolution as a stand-alone unit. ERMC’s mandate is outlined in the Vision and Mission Statements. Basically, ERMC is about collaborative research on environmental topics, fostering conservation of PNG flora and fauna, empowerment of the grassroots, and training of postgraduate students. 

ERMC is mandated to facilitate co-operation and coordination of disciplines involved in environmental research and management at PNGUT. It is also mandated to provide consultative, educational and advisory services on environmental issues in PNG and in other Pacific countries.