The specific objective of ERMC is to promote applied integrative team research in natural, technological and social sciences; in particular, the production, processing and marketing of natural bio-products, using locally designed and produced technology.

ERMC is managed by a Director who reports to and takes administrative directives from the Vice Chancellor. However, he/she reports to the Pro−Vice Chancellor (Academic) on academic matters. To ensure operational activities at ERMC is multidisciplinary across PNGUT, the PVC (Academic) automatically becomes the Chairman of the ERMC Board of Directors. The Board draws its membership from all relevant Departments and Centers of PNGUT to provide guidance for ERMC to achieve the objectives of ERMC.

Responsibilities of Director

The main responsibility of the Director is to provide;

  • Leadership and coordination capacity for research in environmental issues.
  • Undertake activities to make ERMC economically self-sufficient and sustainable.
  • Identify the strengths of existing academic departments (Agriculture, Forestry, Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, Applied Science), the alternative forest utilization programme and NAL in relation to their capacities in conducting research on environmental issues in PNG.
  • Liaison with DEC for research needs in environment and conservation in PNG.

Liaison with Wau Ecology Institute to use its facilities as field stations for;

  • ecological research activities,
  • conservation activities,
  • sustainable agriculture and forestry R & D, and
  • medicinal plant research activities.

ERMC Board of Directors & ToR

The Members of Board are drawn from Departments such as Forestry, Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering and Applied Science. The ToR are:−

The main role of the Board is merely that of ensuring and supporting the leadership provided by the Director and the programme being presented are in line with the objectives of the ERMC and PNGUT.

The Board does not set Terms and Conditions for the Director to follow as he/she receives directives from the VC and PVC (Academic).

The Board does not get any monetary reward for being involved with ERMC.