Forestry Department participated in filming of PNG insects in Bulolo

PNG University of Technology through the Insect Farming Trading Agency (IFTA) participated in the documentation and filming of PNG’s selected insects species from 10th – 15th of October 2022. The documentation project was initiated by the Japan Broadcasting Corporation or NHK. NHK is a renowned Japanese State owned Media Company that broadcasts general and educational programs on terrestrial and satellite TV and Radio channels to both local and international audience. NHK contacted IFTA to assist in the field work logistic facilitation and local resource mobilization in the Bulolo area for the insect documentation and filming team. Some of the unique insect species filmed in the Bulolo forest area were long-helmeted katydids (Saliquofera grandis), long horn beetle (Rosenbergi mandibularis) and the largest moth (Cosinocera Hercules).

The filming team leader Mr. Sadamu Kuriyama of Magma productions in his acknowledgement letter thanks the PNG University of Technology’s Forestry Department, the Bulolo University College and PNG National Forest Service for their assistance and partnership in the project. The outcome of this work will be broadcasted in early 2023 in the NHK TV channels.

PNG University of Technology’s IFTA is part of the Forestry Department at the Taraka campus and its activities are managed by a small technical team from the Department. IFTA markets and trades dried PNG insect specimens and frames locally and internationally. IFTA’s work also contributes to students learning at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the Forestry Department in areas of ecology, biodiversity and entomology. IFTA is currently working with PNG CEPA and local insect collectors to promote sustainable marketing, trade and conservation of PNG’s insect species. IFTA therefore looks forward and is more willing to partner in more local and international projects in relation to PNG’s Insect conservation and trade.