Our Industry partners

We cultivate close relations with the industry at National as well as International levels ensuring our students are well versed with the industry

Student Industry placements

Placements are normally structured programs or schemes where students spend an entire academic year working for an organisation as a full-time member of staff, before returning to university for their final year.

They generally take place after their second year at university and provide students with the opportunity to gain all-important work experience and employability skills before graduating.

Student Sponsorship

Apart from the government scholarships like HECAS and AES, Overseas Government Scholarships (Australia & New Zealand) we get sponsorships from corporate organisations, NGOs and private organisations.

Corporate organisations advertise about the sponsorship and students apply directly.

Career Fair

The University of Technology invites various Industries and organizations in the country to participate in the Career Fair conducted every year. The event is a way to partner in a practical manner with potential employers in making students aware of career opportunities and prepare them for the workforce. The purpose of the event is to bridge the gap between the university and employer and to get students to interact with companies and businesses so they had an understanding of what employers expected.