Parents say Simbu Campus Convenient

Parents say Simbu Campus Convenient

The establishment of the PNG University of Technology’s (PNGUoT) Simbu Unitech Satellite (SUSU) Campus has made it convenient for parents and guardians to ensure their children attain tertiary education within the province.

Maria Jim, a parent of a student who recently graduated during the SUSU campus 4th graduation on the 26th of April, expressed her joy saying she did not have to worry about paying lodging fees and or logistics because her son was enrolled at the SUSU campus for studies.
As a parent, Maria shared her experience about having to pay her older daughters tuition fees while she was studying in Port Moresby. She said she had to obtain loans to ensure her daughter was set with boarding and logistics which was a hassle at the beginning of every year.

Maria said she struggled with the other costs however, with the establishment of the SUSU campus, it was a relief as she concentrated on tuition fees. She was amongst several other parents and guardians who were present to witness their children graduate, and was happy to see her son graduate with a Diploma of Business in Accountancy.

Pro – Vice Chancellor, Professor Kaul Gena said, tuition fees continue to be a struggle for many parents, and urged the local members of parliament in Simbu to utilize the opportunity to sponsor students from within their respective districts.

Simbu Governor, Honourable Noah Kool, reaffirmed these comments saying that the university is brought to the province, and people must make use. He further announced the provincial government’s commitment to sponsor 30% of the Simbu students tuition fees, and committed funds for the operation of the SUSU campus.

Maria commended the Simbu Administration and PNGUoT for the partnership in establishing the Satellite University in Simbu. “I am happy that SUSU campus is established here and I thank the PNG University of Technology’s Executives, the Simbu Administration and Education Department for putting this university here,” Maria said.

She further added that not too many people are aware that PNGUoT has a satellite campus in Simbu, and called for more awareness.