By Phyllia Pisep

The Papua New Guinea University of Technology (PNGUoT) proudly participated in the Papua New Guinea Business Week (PNGBW2024) as the only University amongst more than 15 prestigious businesses from the 1st – 4th of July in Port Moresby.

PNGUoT booth set up amongst the business houses during the 2024 PNGBW in Port Moresby from 1st – 4th July.

The PNGBW 2024 saw business communities gathering to share their achievements through exhibition booth set ups. PNGUoT was amongst the group of exhibitors that were there to promote the academic courses and services the University is offering, and also its progress since the last year’s Canconex at PNGUoT’s, Taraka Campus.

The University’s presence during the event gave more exposure as the only technological university in Papua New Guinea as described by Anthony Smaré, President of PNG Chamber of Resources & Energy.

Mr. Smaré highlighted that, “Last year the Canconex held at University of Technology secured them almost 12 Memoriam of Understandings (MoU’s) with different companies to go back and help them”.

“Universities need to take as many opportunities as they can engage because you cannot assume that everybody understands your situation and your needs. They only understand if you’re in their face talking, sharing your needs on how best on getting help and what support you need”.

Anthony Smaré addressing delegates during the delegate sessions- picture supplied

On LinkedIn comments on the University’s official page, Anthony Smaré and the Executive Director for Institute of National Affairs, Paul Barker praised the University for taking part in the 2024 PNGRW.

The PNGUoT exhibition booth advertised the institutions apart from its study programs. The six research centers highlighted for their continuous progress under the university were Appropriate Technology and Community Development (ATCDI), Architectural Heritage Centre (AHC), Environmental Research and Management Centre (ERMC), South Pacific Institute of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SPISARD), Melanesian Land Studies Centre (MLSC), and Sustainable Energy Research Institute (SERI).  These research centres span across all academic departments to support diverse collaboration and active research projects that creates a bridge between the University and the local communities around the country.

Papua New Guinea University of Technology’s Research Centres

“One of the big problems that universities have in PNG is they don’t do enough to be a bridge between themselves and the business communities particularly, for pathways for students and the only way you can be a bridge is to actively go out and participate when you see a big gathering of business communities but also multi sectoral type of community events like this”, Mr. Smaré said.

Another highlight of the booth set up was the Insect Farming Trading Agency (IFTA) butterfly specs. IFTA is a licensed insect farming and trading agency that operates under PNGUoT’s School of Forestry which caters for academic research mostly.

Discussions on the School of Agriculture’s 18 varieties of cocoa that are being farmed and sold attracted landowner groups, Mining development teams and  interested individuals from various sectors.

PNGUoT staff talking to people at the exhibition booth during to 2024 PNGBW.

PNGUoT’s Vice- Chancellor, Professor Ora Renagi said, the conference was organised by the industry, and this is an opportunity for institutions  like PNGUoT to each out to the industries.

“We should find where the short comings are and we address the curriculum, the training, and then we share with the business communities what our needs are. We can create conversations and dialogs and discuss how best we can be of benefit to each other”.

“It’s critical that all universities should be participating in events like this to share information for the benefit of industries and universities as well.”

PNGUoT’s Vice – Chancellor, Professor Ora Renagi attending as a delegate for 2024 PNGRW.

The PNGBW ended on a high note with talks of more partnerships successfully secured for the Papua New Guinea University of Technology.