Seeds of Collaboration: Bridging Academia and Industry in PNG Agriculture

Following the AG311 Animal Management class’s visit to Farmset Limited’s Feed Mill, a pivotal meeting between PNGUoT’s School of Agriculture, and its semi-commercial UNITECH Analytical Soils Laboratory (UASL), and Farmset Limited was convened. This session built upon the initial field trip, laying the groundwork for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Central to this collaboration is Farmset Limited’s plan to commission UASL for proximate analysis of their feed, representing a significant business opportunity for the lab.

The meeting also discussed a forthcoming visit by Farmset’s nutritionist to the University Farm, aiming to explore the potential for animal trials with Farmset’s feed. This initiative is expected to offer students practical insights and stimulate research into innovative feed solutions.

The Team led by Dr. Pandi’s efforts in forging this link between academia and industry, particularly with the anticipated animal trials, highlight an approach that integrates theoretical education with real-world practice. This partnership not only enriches student learning but also opens up commercial avenues and research possibilities for the School of Agriculture.

As this collaboration unfolds, it is poised to become a model for future ties between educational institutions and industry, driving innovation and development in Papua New Guinea’s agricultural sector.