Technicians Complete Fiber Optic & Premises Cabling Certificate

Six (6) IT technicians from the PNG University of Technology successfully completed an American standard certification training on Fiber-Optic and Premises Cabling last week at the university’s Taraka campus in Lae.

The Fiber-Optic Technician and Premises Cabling Technician training was conducted from Monday, 22nd to Saturday, 27th January and was facilitated by Farmap, an ICT Consultancy and Broker company based in Port Moresby.

The training consisted of a day theory, a day of practical work and the last day for an examination worth a pass mark of 70%.

The Certified Fibre-Optic Technician training is a balanced mix of hands on instruction and theory inclusive of the following modules: Module 1- Introduction to Fibre- Optics; Module 2- Fibre- Optic Cable Jointing and Termination Methods (Day 2); and Module 3- Fibre- Optic Test and Measurement (Day 3). The Certified Premises Cabling Technician training consists on eight modules in hands on exercises in the next three days.

Farmap Director, Ronald Posu said, this training is a need for ICT engineers because Fibre is the way forward with every day necessary cabling for premises with all the rising needs. “PNG needs our own trained specialists in this arena as it is going to meet the expectations and demand in the coming years for the country,” Mr. Posu added.

A Senior IT Officer from Kainantu Mining Company, Clayton Oharo, said that he was really happy to have been registered because most of his staff at work do Fibre- Optic and Premises Cabling and now he can be professionally certified.

Another participant from Unitech also added that this training is an investment for anyone who decides to register and attend the next training.