Unitech Alumni Association has appointed new executives for the year 2023-2024

The Unitech Alumni Association has appointed new executives for the year 20232024 during their annual general meeting (AGM) at the Hilton Port Moresby. Associate Professor Dr. Patrick Michael was reelected as president of the Unitech Alumni.

He became president in 2022

The AGM was held on the 29th of June with the appointment of new executives, and their appointments were announced during the Unitech alumni corporate fundraising dinner also at the Hilton Hotel.

The executives now under the leadership of Associate Professor Patrick Michael, who is at Unitech, along with the vice president maintaining her position, Ms. Asi Nauna who is the Chief of Staff for Kina Bank, NCD.

The newly appointed treasurer is Ms. Sharon Wartovo, an Assistant Accountant at PNG Unitech. Ms. ReggieAnne Banjua, who is an ICT support office manager at PNG Unitech, took up the position as the associations secretary. Regional chapters chairpersons were also appointed.

The regional chapters chairperson, for the NCD, it is Ms. Lesieli Taviri, who is the CEO and Country Head of Kina Bank. For the Momase chapter, Mr. Gregory Masing who is the current general manager of RAM Construction Limited, in Lae, Morobe province.

For the Highlands chapter, Mr. Bradley Vali is an engineer in drill and blast with Newcrest Mining Limited. And the fourth chapter for New Guinea Islands is chaired by Mr. Trevor Kiha Talakam, a senior lecturer at Kokopo Business College.

The successful running of the AGM ended on a high note with the evening program for the NCD chapter Cocktail.