From sustainable agriculture to cutting-edge technology, business studies to civil engineering, each school offers a unique pathway to knowledge and innovation

School of Agriculture

Explore sustainable and innovative practices in agriculture through our programs

School of Applied Physics

Offering programs aimed at setting a solid foundation in scientific principles and applications

School of Applied Sciences

Tackle complex challenges in chemistry, biology, and environmental science.

School of Architecture and Construction Management

Contribute to sustainable and aesthetically pleasing structures that meet evolving societal needs

School of Business Studies

Our holistic programs emphasize business principles, ethics, and global perspectives

School of Civil Engineering

Build a strong foundation in engineering principles and practical skills

School of Communication & Development Studies

Combine communication theory with practical skills to navigate complexities in diverse cultural and developmental contexts

School of Electrical & Communications Engineering

Dive into the fast-paced world of electrical and communications engineering

School of Forestry

Our programs emphasize ecological principles and community engagement for responsible resource use

School of Mathematics and Computer Science

Contribute to advancements in mathematics, computer science, and related fields

School of Mechanical Engineering

Blend theory with application in the dynamic field of mechanical engineering

School of Mining Engineering

Our programs emphasize sustainable and safe mining practices for success in the field

School of Surveying and Land Studies

Engage in geospatial technology, land surveying, and land management