Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering


  • 4 years full time
  • On Campus (Taraka)
  • Available to domestic students
  • Start Year Intake – February

The Department offers a course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. The course involves four years of full time study post Grade 12 entry.

Course Structure

Program Outcome (PO)

Program Outcomes (PO) On completion of the Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering Program the student will be able to
PO1 Apply the knowledge of mathematical and scientific methods to critically analyse mechanical engineering models.
PO2 Able to develop the experimental methodologies to validate those engineering models.
PO3 Draw well informed conclusions through the application of research based knowledge and methods such as design of experiments, results, analysis and data interpretation.
PO4 Effectively communicate scientific and engineering concepts in a multi-disciplinary and multi team environment.
PO5 Perform professionally and ethically, with an appreciation of the values of lifelong learning and with a responsible sense of the value of social well-being and environmental issues of all engineering activities.
PO6 Develop and apply leadership, entrepreneurial and negotiation skills to all engineering activities.